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Cuyahoga Green Energy Administrator Announced

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Mike Foley will serve as the Administrator of First Microgrid Electric Utility in U.S.

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH - Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne announced that Mike Foley will serve as the Administrator of Cuyahoga Green Energy, the first microgrid focused electrical utility in the United States. Foley formerly served as the Cuyahoga County Director of Sustainability. He was instrumental in the establishment of the microgrid, and has led the County’s Climate Change Action Plan among many other initiatives focused on conserving the environment.

“Mike Foley has long been a steward of ecological sustainability and is truly a champion for environmental responsibility,” said Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne. “I know that Mike will take Cuyahoga Green Energy in a direction that will benefit all residents of Cuyahoga County and further our commitment to healthier, more eco-friendly energy solutions.”

Cuyahoga County created Cuyahoga Green Energy in the fall of 2021, becoming the first new county utility in the country in over 75 years. The utility is a part of Cuyahoga County’s larger strategic focus on renewable energy and community resilience. Through the development of district microgrids, Cuyahoga Green Energy will provide clean, reliable, locally produced energy to its customers. Compass Energy Platform serves as the utility operator for the County run utility.

“I appreciate the opportunity to lead the nation’s first Microgrid focused Utility, and I am proud that this a part of Cuyahoga County’s sustainability and governing goals,” said Mike Foley, Administrator of Cuyahoga Green Energy. “I look forward to the utility making a positive impact on our region’s environmental future.”

While traditional microgrids typically serve single customers or a small number of adjacent customers, Cuyahoga Green Energy’s community microgrids will serve multiple interconnected customers. These customers will share resources, including solar panels and batteries, so that energy can be used more strategically. The initial Utility microgrids will focus on commercial and industrial customers and will expand in later stages to include schools, grocery stores, fire departments, and other government and community loads.

Valerie Katz will now serve as the County’s Interim Director of Sustainability. She has been the Deputy Director of Sustainability since 2022.

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