Climate Change Action Plan

horizon with lake and trees

Climate change in Cuyahoga County is real. It is already affecting our environment, economy, and human health across Northeast Ohio.

What is Cuyahoga County doing?

Our Climate Change Action Plan:
  • Sets targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Implements and tracks actions to meet targets
  • Adapts to climate change as it occurs across the county.

This plan has five focus areas: energy, transportation, land use, ecosystem, and health.

Explore: Climate Change Action Plan

Projects Include:

Bike & Scooter Share

Cuyahoga County residents and visitors can access bicycles and scooters through self-service kiosks located throughout the community.

Brooklyn Landfill Solar Farm

Cuyahoga County installed a 4-milliwatt solar farm on a closed and capped landfill in Brooklyn.


We encourage residents to use reusable bags whenever possible.

Residential Solar Co-Op

Members from more than 30 communities come together to share their experience and promote the use of solar and other practices.

How does a changing climate affect our region?

  • Increased flooding
  • Increased heat
  • Increased precipitation
  • Poor air quality
  • Decreased ice cover
  • Increased frost-free season
  • More intense algal blooms