Bike and Scooter Share

bicycle crossing sign


Cuyahoga County residents and visitors can access bicycles and scooters through self-service kiosks located throughout the community. Read more about the Cleveland – Cuyahoga County Micro-Mobility Network Expansion.


How do I rent a bike or scooter?

Four companies currently offer service in Cuyahoga County.

How do I register for a vendor’s license?

Download the application to apply.

Why should I use bike sharing?

Bike sharing is an environmental, economic, and healthy way to get around town.
  • Environmental: County bike share stations will be solar powered; bike sharing offers a transportation alternative that is virtually carbon neutral.
  • Economic: Relatively inexpensive compared to other transportation modes.
  • Health: Biking reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

How can my city get involved?

Our Department is currently collaborating with cities and municipalities of the County to expand the program outside of the City of Cleveland. If your city/municipality is interested, please contact our Department at