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Procedures for Transferring Ownership

Step 1 – Treasurer’s (Fiscal Office) Endorsement

Stamp #1 applied to the front of the Certificate of Title

Where: Treasurer’s Cashiering Department (1st Floor Rm 1-100)

Why: All current and delinquent taxes must be paid in full before the stamp is provided. The Treasury will not pro-rate current taxes.

Exception to the rule: Court Order Transfers via Writ of Execution – require the abatement of all delinquent taxes only. If current taxes are on the books when Writ is filed, they will be required to be paid in full.


Step 2 – Auditors (Fiscal Office) Endorsement

Stamp #2 applied to the front of the Certificate of Title

Where: Transfer and Recording Department (4th Floor Rm 4-100)

Why: To file the appropriate Conveyance Form/s (DTE100M or DTE100Mex) and pay the required Transfer and Conveyance fees.

Please note that the back of the title must be filled out, appropriate to the transaction, prior to filing with the Transfer and Recording Department. Contact the Auto Title Bureau for specifics at 216-443-8900.

The Transfer and Recording departments cashier will provide the Auditor’s stamp to the face of the Certificate of Title once the required conveyance forms are filled out and the fees have been paid in full.


Fee Schedule

Transfer fee ($.50) + Conveyance Fee (.04% or $4.00 per every $1000 of the purchase price or min. $4.00 whichever is greater). If you are filing a DTE100M (Sale) conveyance form and do not provide a purchase price or enter “0” for purchase price than you will be required to pay a conveyance fee in relation to the Current Market Value of the home, which will be provided by the cashier.

Form of payment/s accepted:

  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Checks
  • Make payments payable to Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office and Reference the Parcel number/s


Step 3 – Auto Title Bureau

Where: 3rd floor Rm 3-200 of Headquarters or any Auto Title Bureau of choice.

Why: To apply for new title. For a schedule of Auto Title fees call: 216-443-8900.

Note: You must present endorsed (2 stamps) title/s before you can apply for your new title. Upon receiving your new title please double check the entries. Check for typographical errors and that the Address listed under the owner/s name is the address of the mobile home.


Step 4 – Registration of Certificate of Title

It is required that all new titles to be registered within 30 days after ownership transfers or when mobile home first acquires situs (New Install) in the county. Failure to comply will result in a $100 penalty assessed on the property tax bill. To register you may file a DTE41 (Registration Certificate for New Installs) or if you transfer title immediately or within 30 days following the Transfer Conveyance process our office will retrieve your registration information from the Auto Title Bureau automatically.