Real Estate and Appraisal


Search County Properties

Information available to taxpayers about each property includes land and buildings data, ownership history, parcel and mailing addresses, and more.

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Homestead Exemption

Senior citizens, permanently disabled, and surviving spouses of public service officers killed in the line of duty may be eligible to receive Homestead Exemption which is a reduction in real estate taxes. There are income requirements to apply for this program.


Delinquent Publication

The County is required to create a Delinquent Tax List of unpaid parcels in Cuyahoga County and have it published in a newspaper of general circulation once a year.


Delinquent Tax Outreach (DTO)

This department works with the Prosecutor's and Treasurer's offices to collect delinquent real property taxes and keep residents in their homes.


Owner Occupancy Credit

This is a real estate tax reduction available to a homeowner’s principle place of residence.


Residential Rental Property Disclosure

The Ohio Revised Code requires an owner of “residential rental property” to file certain information with the County in which the property is located.


Register Lodging Establishments

Cuyahoga County property, bed and breakfast, and hotel/motel owners/operators can apply for or renew their short-term rental license via an easy-to-use online portal.




Voted Tax Levy Estimator

This application estimates the impact of a tax levy on your tax bill.


Search Recorded Documents

Access any document recorded with the Fiscal Office from 1810 forward. Deeds, military discharges, various liens, and more.


General and Licensing


Dog Licenses

Having a license for your dog isn’t only a law, but it’s also a lost dog's ticket home. Get your dog licensed through our County Animal Shelter.

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Auto Title Division

This division processes titles for motor vehicles, including:

  • automobiles and motorcycles
  • ATV's and limited off road vehicles
  • mobile and motor homes, travel trailers, campers
  • watercraft and boat motors


Consumer Affairs

This Department mediates disputes between consumers and businesses and helps residents spot, report and recover from scams.


Cigarette Dealers License

This may be obtained in the County Fiscal Officer’s Office. To obtain a retail cigarette dealer’s license you must also have a vendor's license.


Vendor's License

This may be obtained in the County Fiscal Officer’s Office. To obtain a retail cigarette dealer’s license you must also have a vendor's license.


Residential Mobile Homes

All counties in Ohio are required to tax Manufactured Homes. These are building units or assembly of closed construction fabricated in an off-site facility. You can view taxation methods for manufactured homes.


Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Notice

This is a written notice required under the Independent Registered Municipal Advisor.


Weights and Measures

This division of the Department of Consumer Affairs tests and seals scales, gas pumps and other devices to ensure people get what they pay for.


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Value Information

Property taxes are an essential government funding source that is used to finance school districts, infrastructure, libraries, parks, public safety, and other services that benefit Cuyahoga County.


Tax Incentive Information

Contains an explanation of Cuyahoga County Real Estate Tax Incentives. This page also provides current and historical information on Cuyahoga County incentives.


Taxing Authority

Central location for all Taxing Authority data.