Residential Mobile Home

Residential mobile home owners may be eligible to have their home taxed as real estate, if:

  • The home is affixed to a permanent foundation
  • The owner of the home also own the land
  • All taxes are paid
  • The title of the residential mobile home is inactivated and surrendered to the Fiscal Officer’s Office

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Transfer of Ownership

The sale of a residential mobile home will be subject to a conveyance fee of $4.00 per $1,000 of the sale price. Once the conveyance is paid in the Fiscal Officer’s office, the Clerk of Courts can transfer the title without charging sales tax.

Procedures for Transferring Ownership


Failure to Register a Residential Mobile Home

Owners of residential mobile homes are required to register their home with the County Fiscal Officer’s Office within 30 days after locating in Cuyahoga County. Failure to do so can result in a $100.00 fine.


Relocation Notice

This notice is required for any residential mobile home that is moved on a public road within the state of Ohio.

  • The notice must be attached to the rear of the home during the move
  • Failure to get this notice can result in a fine of $100.00 for the owner of the home and the person moving the home
  • This notice is available at the County Fiscal Officer’s Office for a charge of $5.00
  • All taxes must be paid on the home at the time the Relocation Notice is issued

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