Lobbyist Exemption Listing

Lobbyists who fall within one of the following categories are exempt from registration:

  • A person who owns, publishes, or is employed by a media outlet. This subsection does not exempt persons whose relation to a media outlet is only incidental to a lobbying effort, or where a position taken or advocated by a media outlet directly affects a County policy in which the media outlet has a direct or indirect economic interest
  • Governmental entities and their agents, provided the communications relate solely to subjects of governmental interest
  • A not-for-profit corporation solely seeking to provide a free service, or financial or in-kind support, for a county program or initiative
  • An attorney or other person whose contact with a County employee or elected official is made solely as part of resolving a dispute with the County, provided that the contact is solely with County employees or officials who do not vote on, or have final authority over, the policy decision