Semi-Annual Reports

The Agency of Inspector General publishes semi-annual reports concerning the work and activities of the AIG. The reports provide comprehensive information regarding the total number and disposition of whistleblower complaints received during each reporting period, the number of complaints that resulted in active investigation, and statistical information regarding the disposition of investigations, audits, and other reviews.

AIG Semi-Annual Reports

Ethics Guide

The Agency of Inspector General has developed a plain language ethics guide for use by Cuyahoga County employees and relevant parties. This guide was developed to clarify the ethical rights, responsibilities, and prohibitions applicable to elected officials, employees, board members, contractors, and lobbyists.

Plain Language Guide


Registered Contractors and Lobbyists

Registered Contractors

Below is a current listing of contractors who are registered with the Agency of Inspector General. Contractors who were not required to register because they meet an approved limited-purpose exemption are only permitted to contract for that limited purpose.

Registered Contractor Listing

Registered Lobbyists

Below is a current listing of lobbyists who have fully complied with Sections 405 and 501.19 (Lobbyist Registration Training and Certification) of the Cuyahoga County Code.

Registered Lobbyist Listing


Debarment and Suspension

Debarred Contractors

Below is a current listing of contractors who have been debarred by the Agency of Inspector General pursuant to Chapter 505 of the Cuyahoga County Code. Debarred contractors are prohibited from:

  • Submitting offers to Cuyahoga County;
  • Contracting with Cuyahoga County; and
  • Subcontracting on Cuyahoga County contracts.

Additionally, a contractor shall not subcontract work on a Cuyahoga County contract to a contractor listed on the Inspector General's debarment list. A contractor who knowingly subcontracts to a debarred contractor will automatically be debarred for three (3) years.

Debarred Contractor Listing