Cuyahoga County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Description of Board and Responsibilities

The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Cuyahoga County Emergency Services Advisory Board, (CCESAB), serves as the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). On matters which do not impact general emergency planning, the SARA/LEPC functions as an independent county board. Its duties include the development of a countywide plan (coordinated with the CCESAB Board) for emergency response to hazardous materials incidents, receiving and processing required annual chemical inventories from regulated public and private facilities, receiving emergency and written follow-up information regarding spills of hazardous substances and petroleum products, implementing procedures for providing chemical information to the public and enforcing facility inventory and emergency notification requirements.



The LEPC is composed of members representing various public safety entities throughout the County. Members of the LEPC are assigned to the Board by their parent agency.



NameTerm EndsAppointed By/Representation
Bryan Sloan8/1/2019Fire
Greg Lightcap8/1/2019Fire
Chris Kostura8/1/2019Law
Allen Turner8/1/2019Emergency Management
Bryan Kloss8/1/2019Emergency Management
Melissa Braskie8/1/2019Hospital
Robert Patton8/1/2019First Aid
John Jurcsisn8/1/2019First Aid
Jim Armstrong8/1/2019Health
Tony Passalacqua8/1/2019Health
Scott Broski8/1/2019Environmental
Wade Balser8/1/2019Environmental
Sheldon Lustig8/1/2019Transportation
Ingrid Wagner8/1/2019Transportation
Roger Klein8/1/2019Community Group
Sharon Nicastro8/1/2019Community Group
Tom Hartman8/1/2019Community Group
Jim Maskill8/1/2019Industry
Darla Rivera8/1/2019Industry
Randy Solganik8/1/2019Industry
Herbert Mausser8/1/2019Education
Dr. Pete Clapham8/1/2019Education
Alan Finkelstein8/1/2019Education
Brooke Potts8/1/2019Other
John O'Donnell8/1/2019Other


Meeting Schedule/Agendas

The SARA/LEPC Board holds its organizational meeting in January of each year and shall meet at least four additional times during the year at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) Environmental Maintenance Center, 4747 East 49th Street, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio. Please contact the board for more information.

Contact Information



Address:Local Emergency Planning
9300 Quincy Ave, Floor 2
Cleveland, OH 44106





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