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General Questions

What does the Cuyahoga County Plastic Bag Ban do?
Can recycling solve our single-use plastic bag pollution crisis?
What other locations in the United States have taken steps to reduce plastic checkout bag usage?
How can I keep my reusable bag clean?
How are plastic bags costing us in Cuyahoga County?
Does limiting plastic bag usage have an impact?


Retailer Questions

How are retailers in Cuyahoga County affected by the Ordinance?
How can this benefit my business?
Can I charge my customers a fee for a bag?
What kind of bags are prohibited by the Disposable Bag Ban?
What kinds of bags are not included in the Disposable Bag Ban and are allowed?
What kind of bags can I provide to my customers?
What can I do to encourage customers to bring their own bags?
I am a retailer in a city that originally opted out of the Plastic Bag Ban in 2019/2020. How does this affect me?


Shopper Questions

I tend to forget to bring reusable bags. How can I remember?
I don’t think it is in my budget to purchase reusable bags. Is there any assistance to make them more accessible?
Is this the end of free plastic checkout bags?
How do I get out of this single-use plastic bag habit?
What else can I do to reduce the use of plastics in my home and community?