Government Building Solar Program

Solar Building

Our Municipal and Nonprofit Solar Co-Op empowers political subdivisions, nonprofits, and school districts to purchase equipment, materials, supplies or services with selected County vendors.

This program allows for accessibility to better pricing and third-party ownership.

County Solar Panel Installations

In partnership with AEP Onsite Partners, Cuyahoga County is bringing energy savings and clean energy to four County buildings.

These solar panels are expected to yield a total of 1,147,000 kwh of energy.

The following properties have solar panels installed:

Harvard Road Garage

1,948 panels accounting for 25-30% of the total energy load.

Jane Edna Hunter Building

1,222 panels accounting for 25% of the total energy load

Medical Examiner’s Office

488 panels accounting for 3% of the total energy load

Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter has 122 panels, which provide 13% of the total energy load. Learn more about the project by watching the video below.