About Scam Squad

Scam Squad is a dynamic multijurisdictional financial fraud task force organized by the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs.

Scam Squad's goals are to:

  • Encourage Cuyahoga County residents to report scams.
  • Share scam reports with the agency best-suited to investigate.
  • Mine scam reports to alert residents to current scam threats.

Our members include more than 40 nonprofits, social service agencies, and local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations that joined forces in 2016 to fight elder fraud. Today, Scam Squad members combat scams that target Cuyahoga County residents of all ages.

Report Scams:

Scam Squad at 216-443-SCAM (7226) or use our online form.

Report Online

If you lost money or personal information to a scam, visit our If You Were Scammed page.

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