Community Reinvestment Advisory Subcommittee

The Community Reinvestment Advisory Subcommittee's (CRAS) purpose is to explore Community Reinvestment efforts of banking and other lending institutions and providing oversight of the reinvestment efforts of the County’s banking and treasury partner. The Subcommittee has been tasked with exploring these Community Reinvestment efforts to advocate for home ownership, home repair and small business lending by providing oversight of the banking and lending activities throughout Cuyahoga County.

The subcommittee is tasked with creating findings and recommendations to report the Community Development Committee of County Council, including the following:

  • Comprehensive information on the nature and efficacy of the planned and deployed community reinvestment efforts undertaken by the County's selected financial institution during the term of the banking and treasury services contract with Cuyahoga County.
  • Identification of the reinvestment needs of the region, as defined by Cuyahoga County, the various municipalities within the county, subject matter experts, and others.
  • Identification of any potential gaps between those identified reinvestment needs and the community reinvestment efforts of various financial institutions.


  • Chair: Cheryl L. Stephens
  • Vice Chair: Pernel Jones Jr.
  • Mayor Annette Blackwell
  • Mayor Georgine Welo
  • Mayor Kahlil Seren
  • Kevin Nowak
  • Ayonna Blue Donald
  • Matt Zone
  • Gary Benjamin
  • Barbara Anderson
  • Sally Martin
  • Clerk: Sharon Georgakopoulos

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