Cuyahoga County Default Benefits

You are eligible to enroll in benefits if you are a regular full-time or part-time employee who is scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week. When you enroll in Cuyahoga County’s benefits, your coverage will remain in effect through December 31st as long as you remain eligible for benefits. If you have a qualifying event during the year, you may change your benefits coverage within thirty (30) consecutive days of the event. Qualifying events include marriage, divorce, legal separation, birth or adoption of a child, loss or gain of employment or coverage by your spouse or dependent who no longer meets eligibility requirements.

Employees who have waived coverage may be entitled to receive a Benefits Allowance/Taxable Opt-Out- Payment but must attest that they have alternative medical and/or dental coverage to receive it. If you do not make any benefit selections(s) within the first (30) thirty consecutive days of employment, your coverage will be automatically waived, and you will not be eligible to receive a Benefits Allowance/Taxable Opt-Out Payment.


Failure to enroll within 30 consecutive days after your date of hire will result in:
Medical PlanNo Medical Plan
Dental PlanNo Dental Plan
Vision PlanNo Vision Plan
Flexible Spending Accounts (e.g. Medical and/or Dependent Care)No Flexible Spending Account(s)
Life Insurance Plan Basic Life Insurance Only (if applicable)
Dependent Life Insurance (e.g. Spouse and unmarried Dependent(s) under age 26)No Dependent Life Insurance (if applicable)


Please note: if you are not a new employee and are currently enrolled in benefits, you have thirty (30) consecutive days to enroll from your qualifying event. Failure to enroll will result in you being enrolled in your current benefits with no Medical and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account and/or Benefits Allowance/Taxable Opt-Out Payment.