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Cuyahoga County has partnered with Trustmark Solutions to offer eligible employees the opportunity to enroll in several insurance benefits on a voluntary basis.

Accident insurance, Critical LifeEvents insurance, Short Term Disability insurance and Universal Life insurance are available.

Eligible employees pay via payroll deduction on an “after-tax” basis.

Please note: You may apply for these voluntary benefits at any time throughout the year. If you waived coverage during your initial opportunity to enroll, you may be asked to provide evidence of insurability by answering medical questions and could be declined based on your current or past health status. A pre-existing conditions limitation applies to the Critical LifeEvents and Disability programs.



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Voluntary Benefits Apply/Increase Coverage - 888-304-6498
Voluntary Benefits Questions About Existing Coverage - 800-918-8877
Voluntary Benefits File a Claim - 877-201-9373

Accident Insurance

Trustmark Accident insurance is designed to cover unexpected expenses that result from all kinds of accidents even sports-related and household accidents.

Critical LifeEvents

Critical LifeEvents insurance is designed to focus on critical illness the way it is experienced by those closest to it.




Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life is permanent life insurance that helps shield your family from financial hardship if you or your spouse is suddenly out of the picture.



Short Term Disability

Disability income insurance replaces part of your paycheck when you are sick or hurt off the job and unable to work.





Compare Group Term Life and Universal Life Plans

Comparison of Term Life Basics, Universal Life Basics, and Term Life and Universal Life Together


Disability Waiver of Premium

Application for waiver of premium and instruction for claim submission.



Trustmark Service Information

At Trustmark, our service model is based on decades of listening to feedback from brokers, employers, enrollment firms, and policyholders.


Supplemental Benefits Enrollment Packet

Trustmark voluntary benefit offerings that are only guaranteed-issued during the new hire eligibility window.