Maps and Digital Imaging

The Reproduction Department is responsible for providing the public with a copy of any particular map or ownership page requested. Reproduction also provides copying services for the Fiscal Office.

Records on All Properties

The Map Room maintains records on all property. Each piece of land that is sold in Cuyahoga County has its own Permanent Parcel Number. The parcel number tracks all records of that property. The lot dimensions are then drawn into map books.

Parcel Number

A parcel number is an eight-digit identification number that represents a section of property {000-00-000}.

  1. The first three numbers are the book number {000}, 
  2. The next two numbers are the page number {00},
  3. The final three numbers are the circle number on the map {000}.


Maps and Digital Imaging FAQ

What is the transfer date?
What is the tax mailing address?
Which is the market value?
Who are the current owners of the property?

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