Transfer and Recording

This division combines the functions of the formerly elected offices of the County Auditor, Recorder, and Engineer and is responsible for:

  • The transfer and recording of all documents conveying interest in land and mineral rights to track the ownership history of all real property in the county.
  • Ensuring the public's property interests are safeguarded by the recording, preservation, protection and retrieval of all legally prescribed documents.
  • Maintenance of the property tax maps of all real property in the county.
  • The processing of plat maps and the creation of new parcels.

The Real Estate Services Department requires one of the following two forms to accompany every transfer:

DTE 100 Form: “Statement of Value & Receipt”

DTE 100-EX Form: “Statement of Reason for Exemption from Real Property Conveyance Fee”


To learn more about a property, please complete the Property Inquiry Form.


Microfilming Center

The Microfilm Center's primary duty is the conversion and preservation of County records.

  • Scan paper records and convert them to electronic images.
  • Transfer paper and electronic documents onto microfilm and other storage media.
  • Index images to name files for retrieval.

Residential Rental Property Disclosure

Ohio Revised Code 5323.02 and 5323.99 requires an owner of “residential rental property” to file certain information with the Fiscal Officer of the county in which the property is located.



Maps and Digital Imaging

The Map Room maintains tax maps of all property in the county.

  • Assign Permanent Parcel Numbers to each lot in the County.
  • The parcel number is used to track the ownership history of each property.
  • The lot dimensions are then drawn into the master C.A.D. files.


Legal Assistance

The preparation of a deed is considered the practice of law by the Ohio Supreme Court. The current owner (Grantor) is welcome to act as their own attorney however, county personnel cannot provide legal advice. All deeds must comply with the Ohio Revised Code.



Great Estates Program

All the information you need to avoid unnecessary costs and delays in settling an estate.