Monuments proposed to be donated or loaned to Cuyahoga County, as well as any monuments proposed to be constructed on County property must be reviewed and approved by the Cuyahoga County Monument Commission. The Monument Commission reviews proposals for new monuments and existing monuments to be restored, renovated, altered, or repaired. The Commission receives and considers submissions on a rolling basis. Below is a generalized process for review and approval of monuments.

View the Monument Commission flowchart.


Letter of Interest

To begin the review process, the Monument Commission requires a Letter of Interest to be submitted to This letter allows the Commission to determine if the proposal is under the purview of the Commission and must be reviewed, and it should include background information, a general description of the proposed work, the location of the monument, and information about the artist and/or proposer. A formal application and description of next steps will follow this initial letter of interest.


Following the letter of interest, a formal application must be completed for review by the Monument Commission. The application must be submitted electronically via email to All additional materials can be uploaded to an online dropbox or submitted as paper copies. Apply to the Monument Commission.