Protective Services

The Division of Protective Services is a 24/7 operation providing visible and courteous safety to county employees and the public throughout Cuyahoga County.  Protective Service Officers respond to incidents, emergencies, special details on demand, alarm responses, motor vehicle accidents and address public safety issues.  

Services Provided

For all County-owned/operated properties:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) involving county employees or vehicles
  • Injury reports
  • Workplace violence reports
  • OSHA violation reports
  • Hot Works Permit requests
  • Impaired Fire Protection Permit requests
  • Hazardous materials spill reports
  • Air quality complaint requests
  • Bloodborne pathogens reports
  • Employee escorts
  • Property lost and found reports
  • Physical security reviews
  • Property safety inspections
  • Screening of visitors at selected county buildings
  • Emergency county vehicle towing
  • Parking enforcement for county properties
  • CPR/First Aid, OSHA compliance, and firearms training for employees
  • Emergency response to duress, fire, and security alarms
  • Maintenance of security alarms, CCTV, access control, metal detectors, body scanners, and X-ray machines
  • Key control for all critical doors/locks in county buildings
  • Supplement local law enforcement agencies