Law Enforcement

Court Security

The Court Security Division is responsible the safety of jurors, the general public, trial spectators, victims, witnesses, prosecutors and attorneys.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau unit is a compliment of highly skilled Detectives who investigate all variations of crimes through out Cuyahoga County and The State of Ohio. The Detectives are also involved with many departmental support functions such as Task Forces, Police use of force investigations and out of state Prisoner extraditions.

Electronic Monitoring Unit

Individuals who are referred to home detention are required to wear an electronic monitoring device (ankle bracelet) and are restricted to their homes.



Impact Unit

The goal of the CCSD Impact Unit (IU) is to strengthen the partnership between the CCSD and local law enforcement by aiding in all facets of community-oriented policing and ultimately impacting crime and the quality of life within Cuyahoga County.

Marine Patrol

The Cuyahoga Sheriff's Marine Patrol unit enforces state and local laws, assists in all rescue and safety efforts, and serves as patrol to all critical infrastructures along the border including the water intake and nuclear power plants.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotic Unit's mission is to identify, arrest, and eliminate drug organizations and individuals who control and participate in drug operations. The unit is also responsible for the timely investigation of citizen complaints regarding narcotics violations.



Protective Services

The Division of Protective Services is a 24/7 operation providing visible and courteous safety to county employees and the public throughout Cuyahoga County. Protective Service Officers respond to incidents, emergencies, special details on demand, alarm responses, motor vehicle accidents and address public safety issues.

Offender Registration & Notification (SORN) Unit

The CCSD is mandated to register all sexual offenders, keep a database on sexual offenders, and forward the data to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The CCSD Sexual Offenders Unit ensures the CCSD is in compliance with Ohio law. There are various ways to search for sexual offenders in your area.


Cuyahoga's SWAT Team provides timely and appropriate responses to high risk and volatile situations requiring specialized training, equipment, capabilities and experience.



Task Forces

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department provides assistance to its law enforcement partners at the local, state and federal levels through various task forces.

Warrant Unit

The Warrant Unit is responsible for the execution and service of felony and civil arrest warrants, bench warrants, temporary protection orders, out of state prisoner extraditions, and the apprehension of wanted fugitives.