Unit Composition

During SWAT Training and Operations, members report to the SWAT Team Leadership, comprised of the SWAT Commander, Assistant SWAT Commander, Tactical Team Leaders, and Support Team Leaders. Personnel assigned to the Team are identified as Tactical Operators or Support Officers.

Member Responsibilities

All Tactical Operators must complete a Basic SWAT Course and may be assigned or permitted to attend specialized training, such as Observer and Marksman (SNIPER), Grenadier (Less Lethal), and Breaching.


Support Officers are assigned to roles that include, but are not limited to: Crisis Negotiator, Medical Support, and Technology Support. Support Officers are required to attend training courses necessary for their roles and to become familiar with the duties of other Support Officers should they be called upon to assist during an operation.


Mission Statement

Operations requiring a SWAT response are focused on the life safety of all persons involved. Life safety follows the standard priority of life, with hostages being the first priority, followed by innocent civilians, first responders, and hostage takers or suspects, respectively. The SWAT Team is committed to providing a timely and appropriate response to high risk and volatile situations that require the specialized training, equipment, capabilities and experience of the holistic team.