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circle logo separated into four quadrants, one red, one green, one blue and one orange   Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Our Goals

  1. Regional Growth
  2. Economic Opportunity
  3. Individual Well-Being
  4. Mobilize Cross-Sector Resources
  5. Provide Superior Services

Provide Superior Services


Maintain financial strength and operational efficiency.

13.1: Provide staff the data, tools and training they need to deliver results

13.2: Create a balanced budget that reflects our priorities

13.3: Increase staff capacity to drive and support innovation and performance improvement efforts

13.4: Create efficiencies and savings through continuous improvement

13.5: Implement an ERP system and improve critical county processes

13.6: Develop and implement a strategic sourcing plan

13.7: Devise and implement a strategic revenue generation plan



Provide a superior customer experience.

14.1: Consistently provide an excellent customer experience

14.2: Expand omni-channel access to services through the smart and effective use of technology

14.3: Provide easier access to services through targeted neighborhood partnerships and outreach

14.4: Establish “any door is the right door” policies and practices for better access to government services

14.5: Provide services in spaces that are welcoming, comfortable and well-designed for both customers and staff

14.6: Build trust in government



Make Cuyahoga County an Employer of Choice.

15.1: Become an Employer of Choice

15.2: Create a positive, open, supportive culture that values our staff, prioritizes our customers, reflects our values, encourages innovation and promotes teamwork and inclusion 

15.3: Develop approaches to address legacy compensation and benefit issues

15.4: Ensure proactive, regular two-way communication among county staff


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