circle logo separated into four quadrants, one red, one green, one blue and one orange   Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Our Goals

  1. Regional Growth
  2. Economic Opportunity
  3. Individual Well-Being
  4. Mobilize Cross-Sector Resources
  5. Provide Superior Services

Regional Growth


Our region is economically competitive.

1.1: Maximize our regional strengths and assets to help our local economy grow

1.2: Lead the Cuyahoga County Economic Development Commission and implement its five-year economic development plan

1.3: Deploy sustainability practices to support our competitive advantage



Our businesses are growing and profitable.

2.1: Support efforts to increase the number of quality jobs, at all skill levels, created in our county

2.2: Participate in collaborative efforts to attract, retain and grow businesses

2.3: Promote and invest in entrepreneurship and inclusive innovation

2.4: Match the skills of our workforce with the current and expected job needs of our businesses

2.5: Demonstrate equity in county contracting



Our community is vibrant, dynamic and diverse.

3.1: Invest in catalytic capital projects

3.2: Target infrastructure improvements and other investments to spur community development

3.3: Leverage strategic partners to implement a county-wide housing plan


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