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Frequently Asked Questions


My property value changed. How do I know what my new tax bill will be?
My taxes are too high! Can I challenge this new bill?
What is a “Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property?”
When can I file a valuation complaint?
How do I file a valuation complaint?
What is an “Opinion of Value?”
What is “fair-market value?”
Line by Line Instructions for completing the DTE Form 1.
If I file a valuation complaint, can the Board of Revision increase my property value?
What happens after I file a complaint?
When will the Board of Revision schedule my hearing?
How do I check the status of my complaint?
Do I need to submit evidence for my hearing?
What can I submit for evidence?
When should I submit my evidence?
Do you have any other requirements for evidence?
How do I submit my evidence?
Do I have to attend the hearing?
Can I reschedule my hearing?
What is a counter complaint?
Do I need to file a counter complaint?
Why would the school board be interested in my property value?
The BOR reduced my property value. When will I get my refund?
I disagree with the BOR’s decision. Can I appeal?
How do I file an appeal?
I don’t want to pay taxes on my current value since I am going to challenge it. Is there is anything I can do?
Does the BOR only hear valuation complaints? Or are there other issues that the BOR handles?