Requests for Eligibility List Restoration

Per the PRC Administrative Rule 9.05, candidates may be removed from a classified eligibility list for one of the following reasons:

  1. At the request of the eligible candidate;
  2. After declining a conditional offer for the position;
  3. After three certifications or considerations without receiving a conditional offer;
  4. Failure to pass a pre-employment background check and/or drug or alcohol screen;
  5. Failure to appear for an interview;
  6. Inability to contact the candidate via the information on file with the Commission;
  7. Practice or attempt to practice any deception in their application or in securing eligibility or appointment; or
  8. Any just or reasonable cause that is job-related and non-discriminatory.

If we notify you that your name is being removed from an eligibility list and you believe this is in error, you may request eligibility list restoration. Please read all the information below, then complete and submit the Request for Eligibility List Restoration web form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline and Instructions

  • You must complete the form within five (5) calendar days after receiving your original notification of eligibility list removal. We will only consider requests using the proper form and submitted by the deadline.
  • On your form, you must explain why you think you should not have been removed from the eligibility list. If you have supporting documentation or other evidence to support your claim, you should submit it along with the form.
  • The PRC will review your submission and make a final decision. We will email you the results of that decision. Please note that restoration to the eligibility list is within the sole discretion of the PRC.

Submitting Your Request

Fill out and submit the web form below to request restoration to the eligibility list. Make sure you list all the relevant details needed to consider your request. You may upload supporting documentation to the web form before you submit it. If you do not submit the documentation needed to support your request, we will not consider it.

If you can’t complete the web form on your browser, please email the PRC at


Please indicate the stated reason that you were removed from the eligibility list:
Please attach any supporting documentation.

Candidate Acknowledgement
By signing, entering, typing, or otherwise providing my name below, I acknowledge that I must submit this request for test rescheduling to the Personnel Review Commission (PRC) as soon as I am aware an accommodation is necessary, and no later than the above-stated deadline for my reason for this request. I attest that the above statements and submitted supporting documentation are truthful and accurate. Furthermore, I acknowledge that if it is determined that I have attempted to deceive the PRC or any other examiner by making statements or submitting documentation that are untrue or fraudulent, I shall be prohibited from taking this or any other examination for the purpose of employment with Cuyahoga County for a period of two (2) years. I acknowledge that if I am a current Cuyahoga County employee and have been determined to have deceived the PRC and/or any other examiner in any way, my conduct shall be grounds for disciplinary action.

(See Cuyahoga County Code Section 303.03(D).)