Classification and Compensation

Pursuant to the Cuyahoga County Charter, the Personnel Review Commission (PRC) shall administer a clear countywide classification and salary administration system. The PRC’s Classification & Compensation Team is responsible for developing and maintaining the County’s classification system and pay plans for non-bargaining classified employees.

Cuyahoga County’s Classification System (Plan) is designed to ensure that County employees are classified appropriately and consistently according to their education, work experience, skills, and work performed, and that the salary ranges for positions are competitive with similar positions in the relevant labor market. The Plan helps to promote pay equity for like positions across agencies pursuant to the authority granted in the County Charter.


Salary Schedules

Document listing class plan non-bargaining salary schedules for groups A and B.


Classification Specifications

List of the non-bargaining classification plan.


Job Families

List of job family titles and descriptions.


PRC Resolutions

List of resolutions that have passed through the Personnel Review Commission.


Council Resolutions Regarding the Class Plan

List of council resolutions that passed in regards to the classification plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Classification and Compensation frequently asked questions.