Requests for Reconsideration

If you believe your application for a classified position should not have been rejected, you may request reconsideration. Please read all the information below, then complete and submit the Request for Reconsideration web form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline and Instructions

  • You must complete and submit the form and supporting documentation within five (5) calendar days after receiving your original rejection notification. We will only consider requests using the proper form and submitted by the deadline.
  • In addition to explaining why you think your application should not have been rejected, make sure you include any evidence that supports your claim. Along with your request form, you may submit items such as an up-to-date résumé, academic transcripts, and other documents.
  • If PRC staff determine that you are eligible to take the civil service test, then we will email you the test details.
  • If your request is still pending at the time of a test, then you can take the test pending the request resolution. However, if the PRC — within its sole discretion — finds the rejection justified, we will not score your test.
  • If PRC staff determine the rejection was justified, then we will confirm this via email.
  • The PRC will NOT consider requests that contest the minimum requirements of the position.

How to Complete a Request for Reconsideration Form

Before completing your request form, please review your Infor application profile. Your qualifications were screened using this profile. You should review it to see what is accurate, what needs updating, etc., to determine why your application was rejected and what you should address in your request form. We also recommend that you update your profile so your future applications are less likely to be rejected because of incomplete information.

Below are common reasons for rejecting an application, as well as additional details about what the rejection reason could mean and suggestions for what information you should include in your request. Please remember to submit any documents that support your request. However, you must still explain on the form why you feel your application should not be rejected.

  • Did not meet the educational requirement(s)
    • Common reasons are your degree level (associate, bachelor’s, etc.) does not meet the requirements or is unclear, your degree is not in a required/related field, you marked you did not graduate, and/or you left the education section blank or incomplete.
    • In your request form, make sure you describe your educational achievements as clearly and completely as possible, including degree level, field of study, and graduation date. For example: “I graduated from Cleveland State University in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  • Did not meet the experience requirement(s)
    • Common reasons are you do not have enough years of experience; your experience is not related to the minimum requirements; your employment dates are blank or unclear, meaning your total experience could not be determined; your job duties were not listed or did not include enough detail, meaning the application reviewer could not determine if the experience was relevant; and/or you left the experience section blank or incomplete.
    • In your request form, make sure you describe your experience as clearly and completely as possible. You should include accurate employment dates and a detailed description of your job duties so the application reviewer can determine if you have enough relevant experience to meet the minimum requirements. For example: “I was an account manager from August 2015 to December 2022. In that role, my duties were…”

Submitting Your Request

Fill out and submit the web form below to request reconsideration. Make sure you list all the relevant details needed to consider your request. You may upload supporting documentation to the web form before you submit it. If you do not submit the documentation needed to support your request, we will not consider it.

If you can’t complete the web form on your browser, please email the PRC at


Please indicate the stated reason that your application was rejected (check all that apply):
Please attach any supporting documentation.