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photo of Brad CromesBrad Cromes, Treasurer

Cuyahoga County Charter - Article V - Appointed Officers
§ 5.07 County Treasurer: Powers, Duties and Qualifications

All powers and duties now or hereafter vested in or imposed upon county treasurers by general law shall be carried out by the appointed County Treasurer. The County Treasurer shall also have such powers and duties as shall be established by ordinance that are not inconsistent with those provided by general law. The County Treasurer shall have had at least five years’ experience in the management of financial matters for political subdivisions.

The Cuyahoga County Treasury manages an investment portfolio of over $1 billion. Nearly $2.8 billion in annual tax revenue is collected and distributed to schools, libraries, parks, municipalities and to the Cuyahoga County government itself, which provides a myriad of social services to county residents.

Cuyahoga County has over 550,000 real estate tax parcels and, approximately, 2800 manufactured home parcels. Real Property taxes are levied on land and buildings, and serve as the main source of revenue for schools with, approximately, 60% of the tax payment going towards the local school district. For information regarding real property tax calculations, please visit the Fiscal Officer’s website

The Treasurer’s responsibilities are divided amongst the following divisions:

  • Administration
  • Cashiering
  • Delinquent Tax Response Unit (DTRU)
  • Investments
  • Quality Assurance
  • Remittance Processing
  • Taxpayer Services


What We Do

The Treasury facilitates various efforts to collect real estate taxes including enrolling taxpayers in the EasyPay auto-withdrawal program for a convenient, secure and budget-friendly way to pay taxes; establishing delinquent tax payment agreements to allow taxpayers to make monthly installments towards a past due/delinquent balance; and, selling tax lien certificates.

The Community Outreach Department can provide a speaker or informational table/booth at an event.

Treasury’s mission is to deliver innovative, transparent stewardship of public funds to Cuyahoga County’s taxpayers and communities.

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Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday



Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44115