Finance & Budgeting Committee

Pursuant to the County Charter, the Council is responsible for adopting the County’s biennial budget and to authorize appropriations for its spending and contracting. The Finance and Budgeting Committee, chaired by Councilman Dale Miller, reviews all aspects of the County’s budget and spending to insure compliance with all applicable rules, code provisions, and ethic provisions. This Committee is responsible for the approval of annual expenditures of more than $1.5 billion.

Mission Statement:
To provide the County Council with objective fiscal and public policy analysis, recommendations and oversight of the County’s financial resources and operations and to improve efficiencies and ensure accountability through effective allocation of resources for the benefit of all constituents of Cuyahoga County.


  • Ensure good financial stewardship through transparency and integrity
  • Foster an atmosphere of excellence through monitoring, recommending and establishing the best financial policies, practices and procedures
  • Recommend and adhere to resolutions and ordinances of The Cuyahoga County Code, the County Charter, and the laws of the State of Ohio
  • Work collaboratively with the County Executive and various stakeholders in the budget planning process to encompass all interests in the biennial budget
  • Monitor budget developments, expenditures and general economic conditions
  • Evaluate long term financial impacts of County operations, projects and programs
  • Factor County priorities and the financial sustainability of services



  • Chair: Dale Miller
  • Vice Chair: Meredith M. Turner
  • Pernel Jones, Jr.
  • Michael J. Gallagher
  • Jack Schron
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Michael P. Byrne
  • Clerk: Janine D. Carter