Frequently Asked Questions

HRC Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Cuyahoga County Human Rights Commission do?
Who does this work?
What did Ordinance O2018-009 do?
What is unlawful discrimination?
I think someone has discriminated against me. What can I do?
Are there any costs or fees connected to filing a complaint with Cuyahoga County Human Rights Commission?
What happens if I agree to mediate?
What happens before and at the Commission hearing?
What if someone files a Complaint against me?
Do I need an attorney?
I’d rather solve the problem just by talking it out with the other side. Is that possible?
Once I file a Complaint of Discrimination, will you make the other party stop harassing me?
What if I filed a complaint and now the respondent is taking action or retaliating against me: what can I do?
What happens if the Commission finds that discrimination occurred?
What if the Commission does not accept my Complaint? Do I have other options?
If I file a Complaint, do I have to give you my name?
Is my complaint and other filed documents available in the public record?
How do I appeal a finding by the Commission?