Respond to a Complaint

If someone files a discrimination complaint against you under Cuyahoga County Ordinance you will be notified by mail and given opportunity to present your defenses. The mailing includes a copy of the complaint, a deadline to submit a written response, and information to help you respond. You may be able to obtain an extension of time to respond if you can show good cause for the extra time. Your mailing includes forms and instructions which you may use to submit your response and supporting documentation, or to seek an extension of time.

The Commission follows specific rules and procedures for deciding whether discrimination has occurred at an administrative hearing before neutral Commissioners. A complaint is not a decision that you discriminated. Accepting a complaint does not mean the Commission has decided that a violation has occurred.

The complaint filing only starts the process of deciding the case. A complainant must prove his/her case in the administrative hearing by substantial evidence [Section 1501.04 & 1501.05].


How to submit a response to the Complaint

  • Responding to the Complaint is your opportunity to tell your side of story.
  • Answers/Responses must be in writing and filed within 30 days after the complaint has been received [Section 1501.03(C)(3)]. This means that you must submit a document that specifically admits, denies, or explains each of the facts alleged in the Compliant, unless you do not have knowledge of the answer, and if that is the case, you must state it. This document must be signed and sworn to in front of a notary public.
  • Include any supporting documentation.


Attorney Representation

You are not required to have an attorney. If you are represented, the attorney should file a notice of appearance.