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Adult Protective Services

The intent of the adult protective services is to protect and assist adults 60+ who may be victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect and/or financial exploitation.

Department of Senior and Adult Services

13815 Kinsman Road
Cleveland OH 44120

Child Fatality Review Reports: Protecting Our Future

Cuyahoga County has many programs and agencies that offer support to family and friends after the death of a child. Many of these groups also work to improve physical and mental health issues, help people with domestic violence concerns, and provide safety and health information to protect our babies, young children, and teens.

Cuyahoga County Invest in Children

8111 Quincy Ave., 2nd Floor
Cleveland OH 44104

Department of Purchasing

The Department of Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of equipment, materials, supplies, construction, and services for all of the County departments, agencies, and elected officials in a manner which is cost effective and in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio and the policies and ordinances of Cuyahoga County. The Department of Purchasing implements formal and informal bidding procedures for items covered by competitive bidding policies, ordinances, and laws.

Department of Purchasing

2079 East 9th Street, 2nd Floor
Cleveland OH 44115

Phone: 216-443-7200

Office of Innovation and Performance

Since 2015, the Office of Innovation and Performance at Cuyahoga County has led the way in developing a culture of innovation and operational excellence at Cuyahoga County.

Office of Innovation and Performance

2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland OH 44115

Phone: 216-443-7178

Parentage Testing and ID

The Parentage Testing & ID department offers a variety of DNA tests, including: paternity tests, maternity tests, sibship tests, grandparents tests, twin zygosity, DNA ID profiling, Y STR typing, and immigration DNA tests.

Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner

11001 Cedar Avenue
Cleveland OH 44106

Paternity and Support Establishment

Paternity and Support Establishment promote economic self-sufficiency and personal responsibility for families by providing a broad range of quality services.

Cuyahoga Job and Family Services

1640 Superior Avenue
Cleveland OH 44114

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 93318
Cleveland, OH 44101

Phone: 216-443-5100 
Toll Free Ohio: 1-800-443-1431

Payment Processing for Veterans

Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission Payment Processing is responsible for processing vouchers for payment towards Rent / Mortgage, Security Deposits, Food, Utilities, Shoes and Clothing, and Personal Hygiene.

Veterans Service Commission

1849 Prospect Avenue, Ground Floor
Cleveland OH 44115

Alternate Number: 1-866-915-8387

Personnel Review Commission (PRC)

In addition to hearing appeals previously heard by the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR), the PRC is responsible for administering a countywide classification and compensation system. The PRC also has responsibility for ensuring an employment system based on merit and fitness, which includes civil service testing as well as responsibility for ensuring that the County’s human resources systems provide a foundation for employment decisions based on qualifications and performance.

Personnel Review Commission

9830 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland OH 44102

Phone: 216-698-2290
Alternate Number: 216-698-2975

Planning Commission

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission serves as a planning and decision-making resource for the public sector of Cuyahoga County, providing services to the County, municipalities, regional agencies, and not-for-profit corporations.

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

2079 East 9th Street, 5th Floor
Cleveland OH 44115

Phone: 216-443-3700

Probate Court

The Probate Court is established in each county of Ohio to supervise the administration of the estate of a decedent who was a legal resident in the county at the time of his or her death. Other matters within the Probate Court's jurisdiction are: issuance of marriage licenses, adoptions, guardianship proceedings, the involuntary commitment of the mentally ill, and land appropriation cases.

Cuyahoga County Probate Court

1 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland OH 44113

Phone: 216-443-8764
Alternate Number: 216-443-8765

Property Search

The Real Property department maintains a complete historical record of all property transactions, maintains records of property ownership, valuation, and taxation, and collects special assessments for public improvements.

Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer

2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland OH 44115

Prosecutor's Office

The Prosecuting Attorney is an elected official who represents the citizens of Cuyahoga County in both criminal and civil legal matters.

Office of the Prosecutor

1200 Ontario Street, 9th Floor
Cleveland OH 44113

Public Benefits

The County provides a number of public benefits programs including: Prevention, Retention & Contingency program, Food Assistance program, Healthy Start Medicaid, Medicaid, Child Care Assistance program and Utility Assistance.

Cuyahoga Job and Family Services

1641 Payne Avenue
Cleveland OH 44114

Public Defender

The Cuyahoga County Public Defender office provides legal services to indigent adults and juveniles charged with violations of the criminal code.

Cuyahoga County Public Defender

310 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 400
Cleveland OH 44113

Public Safety & Justice Services

The Department of Public Safety & Justice Services encompasses all divisions that previously existed under the County’s former Department of Justice Affairs.   In addition to descriptions of the Department’s various operations, programs and services, on this website you will also find information about emergency preparedness, trainings, citizen volunteers, current publications, grant announcements, public safety communications updates, and other valuable resources.

Public Safety & Justice Services

2079 East 9th Street, Suite 5-200
Cleveland Ohio 44115

(216) 443-7265

Public Sewer Inspection/Permits

No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining a written permit from all appropriate authorities.

Permits and Inspections

2500 Harvard Avenue
Newburgh Heights OH 44105

Lawn and sidewalk repair are under Permits.

Public Works

The Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works provides a safe, efficient and economical infrastructure system for residents, employees, businesses and visitors of Cuyahoga County.

Department of Public Works

2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland OH 44115