Civil Service Testing Procedures

Application and Screening

To apply for a civil service test, you must first apply to a classified job posting. External candidates should visit the county’s Department of Human Resources website. Follow the Job Board Instructions to apply. Cuyahoga County employees should apply on the internal job board. From the Infor landing page, open the Infor HR Talent app. On the Employee landing page, click the “Job Opportunities” link to find the internal job board.

Before applying, make sure you complete your application profile with all the details about your education, experience, licensures, certifications, and other qualifications. If you have a résumé, make sure you attach it to your profile before applying for a position. However, it’s still important that you also complete your application profile.

PRC staff reviews all applications after the job posting closes. Once we finish screening, we will email you about the status of your application. If we reject your application and you want to request reconsideration, please visit the PRC’s Requests for Reconsideration page.


Online Testing

Online Testing Information

Exam Fee
Photo Identification
Military Service Credit
Accommodation in Testing for ADA-Related Disability
Additional Exam Details

Scheduled In-Person Testing

In some cases, we may schedule the test for a specific date and time at the PRC offices. All of the online testing procedures still apply EXCEPT that you must attend on the date and time listed in your notification email. We try to provide 10-14 days’ notice in these cases so you can arrange to attend, and we usually allow rescheduling if you have a conflict.

Structured Interview

In some cases, the PRC uses a structured interview as the civil service test. If we invite you for a structured interview, all of the online testing procedures apply EXCEPT for the following:

  • The interview may be at a different location or happen via teleconference, and
  • The interview will not be on demand and must be scheduled ahead of time.

Please refer to your notification email for details on the location, specific procedures, and available dates and times for the structured interview.